Conference Schedule /
Plenary Lecturers

Conference Schedule

22nd, November
Plant Tour (JFE Steel West Japan Works)
23rd, November
Registration + Welcome Party
24th, November
Technical sessions + Banquet
25th, November
Technical sessions
26th, November
(Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, Live Tatara-Performance etc.)
  • *Special excursion to Iron History Village and Banquet at YUUSHIEN will be announced as soon as the schedule is fixed.

Plenary Lecturers

Dr. Kenichi Higuchi (Nippon Steel) Japan

Prof. Tom Honeyands (University of Newcastle) Australia

Dr. Liming Lu (CSIRO) Australia

Prof. Xuewei Lv (Chongqing University) China

Dr. Sang Han Son (posco) Korea

Plant Tour / Excursion

Plant Tour

*Scheduled Date: November 22nd (Tuesday)

JFE Steel West Japan Works is integrated steelworks located in Fukuyama City and Kurashiki City.

The plant tour will guide you to the main facilities of the ironmaking processes;

Sintering Machine, Blast Furnaces etc. of the Fukuyama works.

Details will be announced later to the tour participants.

  • No.3 Sintering Machine
    No.3 Sintering Machine
  • Blast Furnaces
    Blast Furnaces
  • Area map


*Scheduled Date: November 26th (Saturday)

  • Live Tatara Performance
  • Live Tatara Performance
  • Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

Symposium excursion will take place on Saturday 26 December, 2022. Bus(es) will pick up the participants at the conference venue on 9:30 and will visit to “Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine”, “Historical Museum of Iron in Tetsu-no-Rekishimura”, and then “Live Tatara Performance”.

After that, the bus(es) will be back to Matsue JR Station at 18:30 via Izumo Airport at 18:00.

The symposium registration fee does not cover the excursion. The applicants are required to entry the symposium excursion.

There is a possibility of the schedule change depending on the COVID infection situation. Details will be available soon later.